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Public Defender Turned Family Defender

Attorney Shelley Wright Law left the Public Defenders office to gain expertise as a Family Law Attorney

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The Emotional Stress of going through a Divorce is difficult enough! Law Legal Group ensures the Legal Side does not add to the Stress. By communicating and educating clients on what information we need from them and what to expect during each phase of their legal matter.

Tampa Family Lawyer

Attorney Joshua A. Law started Law Legal Group, PA to solve a major problem with Family Law!

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Choosing The Right Lawyer

How do you know when you have found the right Florida Lawyer to handle your civil litigation issue? I know that question sounds like the lead up to a bad lawyer joke. The truth is that choosing the right lawyer to handle your civil or criminal legal matter is something that I suggest you put a lot of thought and research time into, before making a decision.  To help you start your research we have prepared a little white paper titled "Navigating The Florida Divorce Process" Which outlines what to expect at each stage, And the approx. amount of time you can expect to spend at each stage of a Florida divorce. Click the link below to access this free resource!

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Joshua A. Law founded Law Legal Group, PA after years of experience learning "what to do"and "what not to do" to build a thriving Tampa Family Law practice. And one of the primary reasons for starting his own practice was to ensure that each client receives the proper education and legal forms to help them navigate their way through this painful time in their life.

However, we are always looking for ways to better serve our clients needs. And what better way to figure out what you want, than to ask you? So if you have any feedback on how we can better serve you, or if you are happy the way things are now lets us know by completing our Client Feedback Form

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